3 Pros and Cons of Living in Joinville

– Pros – Humidity- it is great for the skin! Hello to years of youthful skin ♥ Work- with so many industries, there are many opportunities for work. I swear everyone I meet is an engineer. Calm City- Although Joinville is a big city, it is very calm and quiet. It has everything one could […]

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5 Tips I Wish I New When I Started Blogging

A year ago I got the courage to finally create a blog. I knew nothing about how to make a blog, how to make a website, how to create emails for my subscribers, let’s just say I literally knew nothing. If it wasn’t for my husband, it probably would have taken me 3 months to set […]

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4 Trends to Stop Doing in 2018

With new fashion trends arising for 2018, we also have fashion trends that are no longer in style. The fashion outs got to stop being used if you wanna keep up with what is now in style. If you don’t believe me read these articles from Harpars Bazaar and Elle! read HarpersBazaar read Elle. So below […]

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3 Trends for 2018 That I’m Not Excited For

    New year, new trends! Looking through Glamour, Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar I gathered the trends for the new year. Most of the trends for 2018 spring and summer I love, but there are some that I just can’t except as trendy or stylish. If you like the trends, click the images to […]

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7 Step Guide for Before You Travel to Brasil

When I traveled to Brasil in June, 2016 there were definitely some things I wish I had known before travelling to make me better prepared, and things that I did that I was very thankful for doing. So for those of you that plan to travel to Brasil read this! #1 Check the Season Before I went […]

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