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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Men, this post is for you! Valentine’s is right around the corner and I know how difficult it can be to buy gifts for women. After reading some articles for 2018 in Cosmopolitan, ELLE, New York Times, and Vogue, I narrowed down my top 5 for books, perfumes, and jewllery. I also created a top 5 for my own 2018 picks. Don’t worrry, I’ve got you covered! ūüėČ

Let’s start with the best 2018 books for her. The ones listed below are in no specific order and were chosen for the interests of women in general!


  1. Still Me – Jojo Moyes
  2. Red Clocks – Leni Zumas
  3. Before We Were Yours – Lisa Wingate
  4. Darker – E.L. James
  5. The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn
  6. Tell Me More – Kelly Corrigan

If you want to see more of the top 2018 books here are the three websites I looked at:

Cosmopolitan  New York Times  ELLE

There is actually a number 7 as well. For me this book would be the #1 to buy and one of my must reads (Husband, this is a hint for you). If you liked Devil Wears Prada, then you are gonna LOVE this one! It has a similar take, but it Silicon Valley and not in the fashion industry. I am so excited to get my hands on this and start reading! (I might be a bit excited, my opinion is from reading the summary of the book, but I am pretty sure we are gonna LOVE it.) The book is called Sophia of Silicon Valley by Anna Yen.



Now the perfumes! Out of the top 2018 perfumes I chose my own top 3 (again in no specific order)

  1. Top –¬†Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum 32ml R$271
  2. Middle РMarc Jacobs Fragerances Decadence Eau So Decadent 30ml R$199 or rollerball for R$92
  3. Bottom РVictoria Secret Love Eau de Parfum R$182 or rollerball R$33

Here is the full list of top perfumes for 2018: Cosmopolitan

Next, every woman’s favourite, jewelery! I created my top favourites by seeing what were the new trends for 2018, which are keys, large hoops, chandelier earings, symbols, letters, engravings (makes more personal), gemstones, baroque, unique necklaces and of course layers. It seams that the big and chunky jewelry is fading out. People are tending to go simple but layer many together. I found different peices of jewelery from my favourite places to shop. AND for my Brazilians, all these stores ship to Brazil!

  1. Sacred Bowl Necklace – shop here
  2. Metal Triangle And Gemstone Design Stud Earring Set – shop here
  3. Abstract faces – shop here
  4. Eyelash studs – shop here
  5. Tonal Necklace – shop here
  6. Phrase ring – shop here
  7. Vantage bracelet – shop here
  8. White pear halo ring – shop here
  9. Water Drop Rhinestone Detail Tassel Earrings – shop here
  10. Amphora Hoops – shop here
  11. Zodiac Necklace – shop here


Now that you have some ideas of what to get your woman, a cute way to give it is in a box or basket with all her favorites (chocolate, flowers, acai (hehe) etc). Happy shopping and good luck!

Beijos xo Brazilian Flare

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Ok ladies, we can’t forget about the men on Valentine’s day! It is not just a holiday for women, even though it feels like it! Shopping for men can be quite difficult. Especially because if you ask them what they would want you get a shrug and a √Ź dunno.” So much easier to buy for a woman. BUT I made a small little guide in the picture below with some suggestions to maybe give you ideas. I also listed some things below that you could do together. Hope this helps!

  1. CHOCOLATE (everyone loves chocolate)
  2. Perfume – Bleu de Chanel $75 shop here (this is my favorite, smells amazing)
  3. A knife set- $99 shop here (I recently gave my husband a Tramontina set because he loves cooking and barbecueing and he LOVED. Mine was a little more pricy than the one in the picture but it is because I bought it from the Tramontina store)
  4. Engraved Pen with his name – $25 shop here
  5. Casual Button down shirt – $168 shop here
  6. Phoenix Facial Oil – $28 shop here
  7. Leather strap watch – $120 shop here

Things to Do:

  1. Go for a romantic picnic
  2. Travel to a nearby city and spend the day exploring
  3. Movie night with chocolate and wine
  4. Chocolate fondue
  5. Go to the beach with dessert and watch the sun set
  6. Make breakfast in bed
  7. Spend the day in your pajamas and be lazy together (I like this one hahaha)
  8. Have dessert at a cute sweet shop/cafe
  9. Look through all your past photos of both of you, it is fun to see how you were when you began dating

My Top 7 Purchases of 2017

Top 7 purchases for 2017

2017 was definitely a year full of shopping (sorry my lovely husband!). I got to try out so many new products, and purchase stylish clothing and shoes at a great price. (if it is a sale, my husband is happy hahaha). I narrowed down my purchases to my top 7 of 2017 for you guys. All of these purchases are ones I recomend for you to get!

Polowear Jeans


These have become my favorite jeans! They fit perfectly! Not just my jeans but my husbands jeans also fit him perfectly. The quality is good and the price is low ūüėČ We got ours at 2 pairs for 129 reais, which is an amazing deal! One pair of jeans in Brazil could easily be 150reais or more, so buying 2 pairs from Polowear was definitely a no brainer.


Pineapple Slip Ons


I got so excited when I saw these online on Zattini and just had to have them. I don’t know why but I have like the hugest obsession with pineapples right now haha. They are super comfy, cute and perfect for a summer day. Tip: Buy a size down. I am usually a 34 or 35 and I bought 35. The 35 is slightly to big, the 34 would have fit better. Shop here.

Yellow Bowed Sandals


If you have followed me from the beginning than you would know I have a thing for yellow shoes. When I saw these on Zattini, I instantly went crazy for them. They are super cute for summer and can easily be dressed up or down. The bow adds some femininty and adorableness (is this a word? haha). They turned out to be very comfortable and the sizing was perfect. And for a BONUS they have a 3 for 99reais deal! I think 2017 was my “go shoe crazy” year haha. The only thing that sucks is that they are easy to get dirty! TIP: To clean use water and liquid laundry detergent¬† on a cloth and dab. So far this has worked for all my shoes! Shop here.

Exotic Moisturizing Oil

20180111_153209.jpgOMG, this is my number 1 buy and I urge you to go now and get! It seriously is amazing. I was skeptical at first because Nativa Spa was a brand I had never tried, but after using this for 3 months, it is now my go to product for moisturizing. TIP:Once you apply it, leave it on for maybe 5 min then rinse the excess oils off. Your skin with feel hydrated and so soft. For those lovey dovey couples, this can also be used as massage oil! Shop similar here.

Ankle Boots


These little boots are super stylish and unique. They were only 39$ from and was one of my best buys. The qualtiy is phenomenal and after 8 months of use they still look new! This is an investment you won’t regret. I love how they instantly add style to your outfit. Also they ship to Brazil! Shop similar here.




I found this brazilian brand “Quem Disse, Bernice?” while walking around the shopping mall and have been pleasantly surprised up until now. I was expecting the quality to be crap… BUT it wasn’t! My favorite purchase from them was my¬† eyeliner which has “caneta delineadora chanfradinha” writtin on it if you are wanting to try it out. It goes on smoothly and has a square slant instead of the normal point. My cat eye has been on point ever since. Shop here.

Make-up Finish


So this one I actually didn’t purchase, it was a birthday gift. BUT I searched on line and found the price! I was surprised of how cheap it was, only 26.70 reais (10 CAD$). Good deal right? This spray helps to keep your make up on and fixed in place, and it works! TIP: spray your face before you put make-up on, then again after you finish your make-up. This will keep you flawless all day. Shop here.

Moorea Seal Top Sellers are Back

Boa Noite my lovely followers! If you have been following me for a while then you know that I love love love shoes from Moorea Seal. Specifically I love my Barrow Flat, do you remember them? Look at the photo below if you don’t. So, guess what! A similar pair of Barrow Flats are back in stock! These Barrow Flats are an open toe and one of the Top Sellers and super cute! Click the fresh stock photo to view these flats and other top sellers that have returned or click here. ALSO stay tuned, I have a gift for all my followers this week ūüėČ



Upcoming Brazilian Brand: Scusi

Upcoming Brazilian Brand: Scusi


As you all know I love fashion! I also love finding unique, one of a kind pieces to set me apart from the crowd. For 4 years now I have been following a new designer, Camilla Hellman, who has grown and blossomed into success. Her brand is called Scusi, a Brazilian brand. During 2016 she opened her first store in Curitiba, where she sells to many clients outside of Curitiba who sell them at their own store. I have seen many posts of socialites, tv presenters, and others wearing the brand Scusi. It is amazing to see how much it has grown and become what it is now. There is definitetly more to come for Scusi, I believe it is on the right track to success.

Como todos voc√™s sabem, eu adoro moda! Eu tamb√©m adoro encontrar pe√ßas √ļnicas que me destacam da multid√£o. Por 4 anos, encontrei uma nova desenhista, Camilla Hellman, que tem crescido muito e floresceu em sucesso. A marca dela se chama Scusi, e √© uma marca brasileira. Durante 2016 ela abriu sua pr√≥pria loja em Curitiba, onde ela vende para v√°rios clientes de outras cidades que ent√£o, revendem suas roupas em suas pr√≥prias lojas. Tenho visto v√°rios posts de socialites, apresentadores de tv, e outros famosos vestindo a marca Scusi. √Č maravilhoso ver o quanto ela cresceu e o que se tornou agora. Com certeza tem mais coisa vindo para Scusi, e eu acredito que √© o caminho certo para o sucesso.

IMG-20180103-WA0016.jpgDown below you will see my gifts I received from Scusi. A pair of gold shorts, which are chic but also super comfy (yay!), and a gorgeous white blazer. There are also some more photos of Scusi designs so you can get a taste of the unique and chic brand.

Abaixo voc√™ pode ver meus presentes que recebi da Scusi. Um shorts¬†dourado, que √© chique mas tamb√©m muito confort√°vel (oba!), e um¬†blazer branco maravilhoso. Tamb√©m coloquei mais fotos das roupas da Scusi, para que voc√™ possa ter um gosto melhor desta marca √ļnica e chique.

Model for Scusi: Camilla Hellman

Photographer for Scusi: Michelle Pereira






More From Scusi









Scusi is currently on Instagram, and you can contact the designer through whatsapp or email for orders, or you can visit her luxurious store in Curitiba.

Scusi está atualmente no Instagram, e você pode entrar em contato com a desenhista através do Whatsapp ou email para realização de pedidos. Ou até visitar sua luxuosa loja em Curitiba.

Instagram: @scusioficial

Whatsap: (41) 99114-4917


Store Location: Avenida Vicente machado 1047, Batel, Curitiba

Photographer Instagram: @pereira.fotografia