Hi! Welcome to Brazilian Flare, a blog site to share fashion and style that doesn’t cost a fortune, life and travel. I am Maria, a young 24 year old woman who recently moved half way across the world from Vancouver, Canada to Joinville, Brazil with the love of my life (who does all the technology aspect of the blog). Brazilian Flare is meant to share tips on how to look fashionable without breaking the bank,  places I have been to around the world, with travel tips, photography and must go places. It is also a peak into my life and adventures, especially with moving to a different country. I hope this site inspires readers in both everyday style and living life to the fullest.










“Every girl needs a little black cat.”



Here are some little facts about me and some answers to questions many people have asked me!

Why Brazil?

My love of my life is Brazilian, and its a beautiful country with amazing culture and people.

How did you meet?

We both studied abroad in Ireland in 2013, met, fell in love and have been together ever since.

What do you miss about Canada?

I definitely miss my dishwasher! Haha, but I miss having more distinct seasons like winter, I love the snow.

Whats your favorite thing about Brazil?

Definitely the food and people. I also love the beauty of the country.

Whats your least favorite thing about Brazil?

Not completely understanding the language, makes you feel very lonely sometimes (but I am learning!).

What is a classic Canadian food?

In my opinion I would say pancakes and maple syrup, oh boy do I miss my Maple syrup!!

Whats you favorite Brazilian food?

Acai!!! Haha, I also love the meat here. Brazilians know how to cook meat very well!

What do you do besides the blog? Do you work?

Yes! I work at an English school called Spot On, and love it.

Do you plan on moving back to Canada?

No, I actually plan to stay here and start my life and family here. I will definitely be traveling back and forth though.

Where have you lived and traveled?

I lived in Ireland for 5 months for an exchange program, and was an amazing experience. I encourage everyone to live abroad for some time. I have traveled mostly around Europe to these cities: Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Munich, Zurich, Saas Fee (Switzerland), Verona, Venice, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto and the coast of Portugal. I plan to post more of these travels later on.

If you have any more questions feel free to email me! I would love to chat and answer your questions.  maria@brazilianflare.com