Houston City Guide

For Guest writer Wednesday we have someone from Texas, Taylor Brooke! Houston, Texas specifically. I wanted to bring to my followers a little taste of the Texas culture. I hope you enjoy her city guide, and that it encourages you to travel!
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Looking to visit somewhere cool in the Lone Star State? There are so many places in Texas that I would recommend anybody to go and visit but at the top of the list would be my hometown of Houston Texas. I will give u an insight look at the best places to go when you’re visiting Houston.


The Number one thing that everybody should know is that Houston is known for some of the best eating establishments.  Houston is the U.S.A.’s most ethnically diverse city in the country that being said we have about 83 different kinds of cuisine available in the Houston area from Country Cooking Tex-Mex, Korean, Indian and the list goes on. Here’s a list of my TOP 5 places that are undeniable treasures!

1. Gloria’s

(El Salvadorian Fine Dining)
This restraint is a great place to go out for Dinner with family and friends or for a night out on the town.

Gloria Houston

2. Frank’s Pizza

(New York Style)
I know what your thinking Pizza? This Pizza joint is one of those amazing holes in the wall places that will leave your tummy completely satisfied.

3. Kelley’s Country Cooking

(Southern Style Cooking)
If your gonna take a trip to the south, you have to stop and enjoy some southern style food. P.S. there breakfast is out of this world!

Kelley's Country Cooking Houston


4. Local Foods Downtown

(Healthy Choice)
If your a health nut and are looking for a Soup, Salad and Sandwich joint, this cute little Diner in Downtown Houston is right up your alley!

Local Foods Houston

5. Crawfish Cafe

Here in Texas, we have a thing for crawfish. We even have a crawfish festival! If you wanna try some for yourself, this is the spot to go to.

Night Life

I Myself happen to live in the middle of everything. I’m 30 minutes from the Galveston shore and going the other direction I’m 30 minutes from downtown Houston.  These are some places where I recommend going to let loose and have fun! There always something going on and always somewhere to go whether your taste is wine bars, clubs or music.  I’ll give you 3 places that you will for sure have a great time at.

1. Stereo Live Houston

(Live Music Venue)
This club is more for the wild child if you know what I mean! The ravers of the world,  I have been here to see so many amazing DJs and it’s definitely an experience you must try.

Stereo Live Houston

2. The Dogwood

This is probably one of the most well known Hot Spots in Midtown Houston, great place to have a drink with friends and meet new people.

Dogwood Houston

3. House Of Blues Houston

(Live Music Venue)
You can’t leave Houston without going to see a show at the house of blues, I promise
you it’s something you will never forget! Some of the biggest names in music started off there.

Great Outdoors
( For your Outdoor  Pleasure)

If your anything like me, you don’t like being cooped up inside, especially when the weather is so pretty outside and get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

1. Houston Zoo

( Zoo Park)
The reason I recommend the Houston Zoo is because it’s such a wonderful place to go with your family. A nice place for a date or to take your kids for a fun day.
Houston Zoo

2. Japanese Garden

A beautiful scenic place to have a picnic or take a walk around for a nice relaxing day.

Japanese Garden Houston


Of course, for all you fashion lovers out there, I have got the inside scoop on places you need to go to when it comes to clothes shopping.   Houston has some of the most fabulous Malls you will ever lay your eyes on.

The Galleria

This is the most well-known mall in all of Houston.  It has just about everything from high in stores like Nordstrom to casual places like Forever 21.  Housing 400 fine stores and restaurants.

The Galleria Houston

Baybrook Mall

This is the closest mall to me and I feel so lucky that it’s only 8 mins from my house. Lol well, I guess it’s a gift and a curse. Located in Friendswood, Texas, with over 90 stores to choose from in an awesome location with both indoor and outdoor shopping and entertainment.

The Woodlands Mall

( Mall ) The Woodlands Mall is located in one of the more ritzy sides of town with a more upscale kinda style, with over 160 stores and retail outlets. The Woodlands Mall has to be a stop on your list.

The Woodlands Mall Houston


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