Be Yourself

For todays Guest Writer Wednesday we have Sarah Stump who is the founder of the blog Imperfectly Sarah. She has overcome some difficult obstacles in her live which you will read about below. She was chosen to be a guest writer because I feel her story is inspiring for everyone. She shows that no matter what you can have self-confidence, empowerment, and go after what you want and succeed. Most importantly, Be Yourself! 
Hope you enjoy! There is info below so you can follow her on her journey. Hope you like Guest Writer Wednesday! To read more from guest writers click here: Guest Writers

All parents dream of the perfect baby that has 10 fingers and 10 toes. But, this baby only had five fingers and half a left arm. Her mom said, “How will she tie her shoes? Where will she wear her wedding ring?” Her dad said, “Don’t worry, God has a plan.”This little girl grew up in a small town. Her parents taught her to never give up, to always have faith, to always try your best, but most importantly to always be yourself. They taught her that God had made her with His own hands, and He has a plan in mind for her that she might not see yet but one day she will.

She played every sport she could when growing up; from basketball to cheerleading, soccer to dance, and tennis to track; she did it all. There was no belief in the word ‘can’t.’ She believed that with God anything was possible. She was determined to succeed, to find a way to catch the baseball, take off her mitt, and throw the ball to get an out. There wasn’t much she found that she couldn’t do, and if there was she figured out a way to do it. Because of her parents, her community, and her faith in Jesus Christ, she grew up to always believe that our differences do not define who we are. But instead, our differences are a part of our story that God has written for our lives.

Of course, she had rough times. At the age of eight, she started to question ‘why me?’ She couldn’t do the monkey bars at school or jump rope or put up her hair like the rest of the kids. None of her friends could understand what she was going through, but she was tough, and she knew that with determination and practice one day she would be able to put up her hair. She wouldn’t quit until the day she succeeded.

When she was 15 she learned how to put up her hair. When she was 17, she finally learned how to do a proper push-up and jump rope. She has rough days too; days when she cries herself to sleep at night because she had a bad one arm day. Days when the stares she gets are too much. But she knows that in each of those moments she will only come out stronger because she believes in herself and that if you have the will you will always find the way to do something.

She believes that if you trust in God, trust in His plan and allow Him to lead you, you will always come out stronger and figure out a way. She could have chosen to have a negative perspective, but she believes in purpose and in Jeremiah 29:11. So, instead, she chooses to live every day with positivity and believes she can make a difference, and that she can overcome obstacles. She desires to impact lives, and erase this idea of perfection that we have in society. She believes in you, and that you will find a way.

Sarah Stump

Please Remember, you are beautiful just as you are. God has a plan and a purpose for your life even though you may not see it yet. Any obstacle you face, you will always come out stronger. God wouldn’t give you that obstacle if He knew you couldn’t overcome it. You can do anything you set your mind to if you believe in yourself first. Pour your heart out into everything you do and always remember to be real. Your differences, your flaws and your imperfections do not define who you are as a person; only you get to decide who you are. Your differences are just a part of the story that God has written for your life. So please, never want to change. You are imperfectly perfect just as you are. If you believe that you can, then you will.

She believed she could and so she did. That she is me, Sarah Stump.
Be Yourself

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