How a Brazilian and a Canadian Fell in Love

Many of you ask me how a Brazilian and a Canadian could meet and fall in love because the two countries are so far apart. I have mentioned some snippets of our story throughout my posts but I figured I should dedicate a post specifically to answer this. Everyone expected me to come home with an Irish, but instead I cam home with a Brazilian! Below is our little story, some photos and a video my sweet husband made for our first anniversary together.

crazy love

How to start… well in September 2013 I went to Ireland for a study abroad program. My destination was Waterford, the city of crystal (read my Waterford City Guide here). When I arrived I was told that there would be two guys and one other girl in the apartment I was to live in. My room was great, very big and I had my own bathroom suite. What I found out later was that my bedroom was actually assigned to Felipe but they gave it to me instead (haha mine was so much nicer than the one he ended up with)

When we first met I was a complete mess. I had just blow dried my hair so it was a giant lion mane and I was wearing black gym pants with a smurf shirt and had no make-up on. I don’t know how he fell in love with me! hahaha. When I first saw him I was like oh my this guy is quite handsome! I totally thought he was American or German because of his blond hair, pale skin, and green eyes. But when he started to speak I realized he wasn’t (his English is so much better now! it is fluent!). For the first couple days, I kept trying to introduce him and our roommate Gui to some Spanish friends. I then realized that Brazilians don’t speak Spanish, whoops.

We started to become friends, all of us in apartment 410 (BTW all 3 of my roommates were Brazilian!). We went out together and did day trips together as well as some other Brazilians. During my time in Ireland, I think I made like 4 Irish friends and a billion Brazilian friends. Felipe and I became close friends and did everything together. We would sit together talking until late at night, and we were always together when touring the city. Felipe started to bring me chocolate as a surprise, I began making him breakfast and waking him up so he didn’t miss class.

During a weekend that Felipe had gone to Dublin for a concert, we messaged a lot and I realized that I liked him. When he was back we all went out one night and we ended up having our first kiss at our favourite bar. From this moment on we were inseparable.

love under the eiffel tower

As everyone knows I am allergic to wheat, so one night Felipe and his friends created a mashed potato pizza for dinner so that I could eat. It was the sweetest thing ever and I knew that I was falling in love with him.

Living together straight from the beginning of our relationship (well we weren’t sure about continuing past Ireland at first) was definitely a huge test on our relationship. Luckily he and I live really well together! We also tested our relationship by travelling twice together. The first time was with friends and it went well. The second time it was just us and again went well. of course, we had our little fights, but what couple doesn’t fight!

paris love

The moment we knew we wanted to try our relationship long distance was a night where I happened to be drunk and I ended up crying for hours telling Felipe how much I was going to miss him and that I didn’t want to leave Ireland. We both knew we were falling in love.

love in paris

“I left Ireland knowing I loved him with all my heart”

So the time came where I had to travel back to Canada. We video called each other almost every day. 6 months later when it was summer, I went back to Ireland to see him and some friends. During this trip, we travelled to Spain and Portugal. After this, in December he came to Canada for Christmas and stayed for 3 months. (Luckily my parents adored him)


Sadly a  couple months after he left we broke up. The distance was really extremely difficult. We spent a year apart. But during this time my mind was always on him and how he treated me so well and how much we were in love. So after Christmas, he came to Canada and we rekindled our love and knew that distance couldn’t break us. We were still madly in love with each other and I could only saw my future with him.

The same year I travelled to Brazil to meet his family, whom I love! They are the kindest people (Brazilians in general). Funny story… When I first met Felipe’s parents they asked me if I liked Brazil (in Portuguese), I answered: “Eu gostosa” (meaning “I’m hot/sexy). OMG, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, at least they laughed and knew what I meant.

I ended up extending my stay for 3 more months, then after that, I ended up deciding to stay here for good. We got our Stable Union, so I am considered his wife in Brazil. That is pretty much it, now it has been almost 5 years of being together since 2013