Soft Summer Trends

Hey there, everyone! My name is Jessica and I’m a fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Tampa, Fl. I’m so thrilled to partake in a collaboration with Maria as we have such a strong connection with our passion for diverse cultures and, of course, fashion! So let’s get going to discovering the absolute must-haves for this new fashion season!

A Brilliant 2018 For The Fashion Industry

2017 was definitely a year in the books with various attention-grabbing events that shaped up much of our individual lives. Even more, the fashion industry was heavily influenced by cultural movements ( such as the #Metoo) from Hollywood A-list stars across the nation. So, the question that remains on the top of our minds (especially mine) is how can 2018 possibly beat the previous year and pave its own brilliant path?!? Fortunately for us fashionistas, this new year holds a dashing promise filled with vibrant joy and sparkles! Curious to gain insights as to what fashion will bring for 2018? Scroll below for a broken down list of the top trendsetting styles and get ready to refresh your closet – I sure will!

P.S. I’ve rounded up some of my personal favourite 2018 trends that are inspired by a certain magical place. Can you guess? Comment below and share with me your must-have #lotd for this year!

Top 5 Spring/Summer 2018 Trends from the Runway

– Mixing & matching decorative looks was a major theme from top designers, such as Tom Ford and Gucci, as they shared many ways to have fun with sequins and sparkles for any outfit at anytime

– The transition from millennial pink to delicate, yet strong, pastel shades to be played with shy and ambitious ways; think of this trend as a banana-split sundae loaded with the sweet vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavours with added sprinkled to complete the look

– Long live the checks – this British-inspired pattern is here to stay, but with more ways to include it in your outfit ( from bodacious trench coats to feminine, floaty dresses)

– Plastic is making a comeback with waterproof styles and shades being the norm for the summer (something I’m super excited for with all the rain we get in Florida)

– Multiple handbags to go with our multiple needs of organization – an interesting, novel way to dress your own individuality in 1 look with more totes and handbags

My Personal FAVS For This Summer Trends

Simply Elegant with Unique Wooden Watch Ensemble
Top: BeBe (sold out, beautiful substitute) | Pants: BeBe (sold out, beautiful substitute)

Statement Fun Earrings
Earrings: Sugarfix by Baublebar

Bold red top with side ruffle sleeves
Purse: Michael Kors (similar item) | Top: {a} Haley Boutique ( sold out; beautiful substitute) |Shorts: {a} Haley Boutique ( sold out; available options)

Statement Jewelry in Rose Gold
Top: {a} Haley Boutique (in-store; available online options) | Jewelry: Modern Mesh

– Large, statement earrings with over-sized hoops and heavy designs are here for the long run ( I hear Baublebar singing my name haha)

– Ruffling the ruffles! As you guessed, ruffles are a must-have once again with the
delightful elegant mood it adds to any outfit

– Socks that rock! I’m a super fan of wearing playful-cartoon sock designs, and this year, it’s a fun trend to let our inner-childhood spirits shine and dazzle up our #ootd

– Simply, yet, feminine side slits on any part of an outfit to create that flattering, bold look; this can be played on a mini dress, tunic, even workout pants

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