3 Pros and Cons of Living in Joinville

– Pros –

  1. Humidity- it is great for the skin! Hello to years of youthful skin ♥
  2. Work- with so many industries, there are many opportunities for work. I swear everyone I meet is an engineer.
  3. Calm City- Although Joinville is a big city, it is very calm and quiet. It has everything one could need without the constant traffic and noise.

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– Cons –

  1. Humidity- good luck styling your hair, it will become a poofy mess. As soon as I step outside all my hard work was a waste. I have officially given up trying to make my hair look good.
  2. Rain – “Chuville” is what some people call this city. It rains and floods so much! You have to have an umbrella with you at all times and should definitely invest in some rubber boots.
  3. Lack of Parks – There aren’t many places to go to enjoy Sunday afternoons, take a nice walk, have a picnic etc. With the lack of parks, there isn’t much to do in Joinville so the majority of people just go to the beach.

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