5 Tips I Wish I New When I Started Blogging

A year ago I got the courage to finally create a blog. I knew nothing about how to make a blog, how to make a website, how to create emails for my subscribers, let’s just say I literally knew nothing. If it wasn’t for my husband, it probably would have taken me 3 months to set it up. There were definitely frustrating nights where I ended up crying or wanting to give up. With the support of my husband and friends, fortunately, I didn’t. Though I did take some breaks to clear my head and find my place in the blogger’s world, which I still am doing. It’s natural though, we have to alter and change according to what our viewers are more interested in and also what I am more interested in. It has been a very long process, but I am very proud of where I am today. No, I don’t have thousands of followers or page views but numbers don’t matter. It is the content that matters. Once I started to be more consistent and know more about my viewers, my blog began to grow in page views as well as in social media. It is a slow process to get to where you want but worth the long hours and frustration. I wish I had known 5 things during the beginning of my blog creation, which would have made my life so much easier for today.

 #1 Which Blog Platform to Use

When I started looking for a platform, I knew nothing about them and which one was the best for what I needed. I started out with wordpress.com but recently changed to wordpress.org. WordPress.com didn’t allow me to do the things I wanted for my blog and restricted my desires. Switching allowed me to create my blog to my liking, though I know that in the future I will probably switch to a better one with no restrictions whatsoever. So my advice, skip wordpress.com and go with .org, it is perfect for beginners.

#2 Take Your Time

I recently read a blog post about bloggers being in a constant rush, wanting everything now. (You can read it here ⇒ What’s Up With the Fast Blogging) There is no need to rush, you don’t need 10 thousand followers when you first begin. You also don’t need to start making money right off the bat. Rushing will cause you to make low-quality content. Plus you aren’t exposed enough for company’s to want you as an influencer. When I began I was always so stressed because my photos weren’t getting 100 likes, or my follower number was low etc. That was when I decided to take a break. I realized that this isn’t a race, that your blog should be built on quality slowly rising to success. It takes time for beginner bloggers to get noticed, it is just life.

#3 Plan

This is so important!! I wish I had planned months out in advance instead of doing it off the cuff. It is less stressful because you aren’t trying to think of a topic last minute, or hurrying to take photos. Planning and scheduling allow you to be organized and create good quality content. Invest in a big calendar for your office wall!

#4 Have an Opt-In

Adding an opt-in is more appealing to your viewers and they are more likely to subscribe. If I had known this from the start I would have created, which would have gotten me more subscribers! I still haven’t created the best opt-in because I am trying out some ideas, but for now, mine is 5 Secrets of Brazilian Flare. So only the viewers who subscribe will be able to read this.

#5 Read Tips From Other Bloggers

I think in the beginning I was a bit of a know it all, thinking I didn’t help and knew how to create and grow a blog. Wow, was I stupid. Take the time to connect with other bloggers, learn from their experiences and mistakes. This past month I have learnt so much, which has improved my blog and social media immensely. It is ok if you don’t know everything! (Here is a blogger who has great tips!⇒ Ell Duclos

*Bonus Tip: Take a Breather*

Breathe in and out people! Sometimes it can be overwhelming and stressful for so many things to get done. Stop and take a breath, and remember no one is gonna die if you don’t get something done. It isn’t the end of the world! We have to remember to not put so much pressure on ourselves, and blog because it is fun and what we like to do. If you love a job, it shouldn’t feel like work.