4 Trends to Stop Doing in 2018

With new fashion trends arising for 2018, we also have fashion trends that are no longer in style. The fashion outs got to stop being used if you wanna keep up with what is now in style. If you don’t believe me read these articles from Harpars Bazaar and Elle! read HarpersBazaar read Elle. So below I listed the fashion outs that I totally agree with, if you want to see more trends that are out click the magazine links above.

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#1 Chokers

I tried to get on the choker trend but I couldn’t! I was obsessed with these though when I was a kid. I had so many different colors and styles. I am kinda happy this is leaving the fashion world.

New Trend: layered necklaces with unique symbols with thin chains

Go to Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her to see what Necklaces are in and click to shop!

#2 Corsets and Waiste Belts

Thank goodness this is leaving! It is a trend that I find a bit tacky. (Also wore this trend in middle school, OMG every trend is being repeated)

New Trend: Tuck the front part of your shirt into you jeans, wear highwaisted jeans to accentuate the waist, or just wear a normal belt

#3 Off the Shoulder

Ok, I kinda like this trend, even though I own like nothing that is off the shoulders. For sure, many fashionistas will be sad to see this trend die. BUT don’t worry, the trend is changing to one sholder! So you can still show off some skin.

#4 Maxi Skirts

This I definitely agree is something that has left the trends. I haven’t worn one since last September! And I haven’t seen anyone around me wear them either. For me it feels like an old trend, like the 80’s shoulders, which made a comback for 2018 so you never know the maxi might come back in style. So keep yours just incase!

New Trend: Skirts or dresses that are mid length

BONUS #5 Flared Jeans

I know the whole 70s and 80s look is coming back in style but I don’t like the flared jean trend. It makes you look shorter than you really are. It is just a bad trend. I hope this ends soon!

New Trend: skinny jeans, ankle length jeans

Obviosly if these trends are something you love then wear it! Make your own style and be you. You can even click the photo to shop the looks! These are just ones I chose because of my personal opinion. 

What other trends do you think need to die out?

*All photos are credited to it’s original owner

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