The City of Chocolate

Carrying on down the travel timeline, Brussels Belgium was the next stop after Paris. I call this city, the “City of Chocolate.” Why? Because they had so many chocolate shops! I swear I bought a chocolate from every shop I passed. My favorite though was definitely Godiva, their hot chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries were superb. Unlike Paris, Brussels was small to medium size. I think we walked almot the entire city. The architecture was so beautiful in the older parts of the city. It contains so much character and culture. Below are some photos and a video/photo diary of the trip. I figured making a video of the photos would be easier and more entertaining then having to scroll down the page! I hope you enjoy and get inspired to travel!


3 thoughts on “The City of Chocolate

  1. Beautiful photos! The architecture truly is so remarkable with a historic sense to it . I wish I could go there , especially for the chocolate!

  2. What a beautiful place! The photos were all so detailed with the architecture! I wish I could try out the chocolate from there!

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