My Top 7 Purchases of 2017

Top 7 purchases for 2017

2017 was definitely a year full of shopping (sorry my lovely husband!). I got to try out so many new products, and purchase stylish clothing and shoes at a great price. (if it is a sale, my husband is happy hahaha). I narrowed down my purchases to my top 7 of 2017 for you guys. All of these purchases are ones I recomend for you to get!

Polowear Jeans


These have become my favorite jeans! They fit perfectly! Not just my jeans but my husbands jeans also fit him perfectly. The quality is good and the price is low 😉 We got ours at 2 pairs for 129 reais, which is an amazing deal! One pair of jeans in Brazil could easily be 150reais or more, so buying 2 pairs from Polowear was definitely a no brainer.


Pineapple Slip Ons


I got so excited when I saw these online on Zattini and just had to have them. I don’t know why but I have like the hugest obsession with pineapples right now haha. They are super comfy, cute and perfect for a summer day. Tip: Buy a size down. I am usually a 34 or 35 and I bought 35. The 35 is slightly to big, the 34 would have fit better. Shop here.

Yellow Bowed Sandals


If you have followed me from the beginning than you would know I have a thing for yellow shoes. When I saw these on Zattini, I instantly went crazy for them. They are super cute for summer and can easily be dressed up or down. The bow adds some femininty and adorableness (is this a word? haha). They turned out to be very comfortable and the sizing was perfect. And for a BONUS they have a 3 for 99reais deal! I think 2017 was my “go shoe crazy” year haha. The only thing that sucks is that they are easy to get dirty! TIP: To clean use water and liquid laundry detergent  on a cloth and dab. So far this has worked for all my shoes! Shop here.

Exotic Moisturizing Oil

20180111_153209.jpgOMG, this is my number 1 buy and I urge you to go now and get! It seriously is amazing. I was skeptical at first because Nativa Spa was a brand I had never tried, but after using this for 3 months, it is now my go to product for moisturizing. TIP:Once you apply it, leave it on for maybe 5 min then rinse the excess oils off. Your skin with feel hydrated and so soft. For those lovey dovey couples, this can also be used as massage oil! Shop similar here.

Ankle Boots


These little boots are super stylish and unique. They were only 39$ from and was one of my best buys. The qualtiy is phenomenal and after 8 months of use they still look new! This is an investment you won’t regret. I love how they instantly add style to your outfit. Also they ship to Brazil! Shop similar here.




I found this brazilian brand “Quem Disse, Bernice?” while walking around the shopping mall and have been pleasantly surprised up until now. I was expecting the quality to be crap… BUT it wasn’t! My favorite purchase from them was my  eyeliner which has “caneta delineadora chanfradinha” writtin on it if you are wanting to try it out. It goes on smoothly and has a square slant instead of the normal point. My cat eye has been on point ever since. Shop here.

Make-up Finish


So this one I actually didn’t purchase, it was a birthday gift. BUT I searched on line and found the price! I was surprised of how cheap it was, only 26.70 reais (10 CAD$). Good deal right? This spray helps to keep your make up on and fixed in place, and it works! TIP: spray your face before you put make-up on, then again after you finish your make-up. This will keep you flawless all day. Shop here.