Go Back to the Giddiness of Dating

With Felipe and I both having a busy work schedule we usually come home at the end of the day tired. Therefore we usually just watch some Netflix and then sleep. Lately though, I have been thinking about how adventurous and fun we used to be in our early 20’s, and how we are now like an old couple. We are only 25, I don’t want to be an old couple yet! So we decided to take some time for us and do something different with each other every week. It is important to spend quality time together, you can strengthen the relationship, remember why you fell in love, and be that young giddy couple again. I feel it brings the romance and butterflies in the stomach back to the relationship. For this post  I have some date outfit ideas and some ideas of where to go and what to do for dates.

Night at the Bar


A simple tank top and some skinny jeans is my go to outfit for a night at the bar. It is simple but also a little flirtatious. Add some heels and your loved one will amazed. Who says you can’t be sexy because you are in a relationship, BE sexy! It will add some heat and bring back the feelings you got when you first started dating.


Outfit Details (Shop everything on my SHOP page)

Tank top: Romwe (23 reais)

Jeans: Polo wear (2 for 129 reais)

Clutch: RW&CO (Find a similar one on my shop page)

Necklace: Romwe (17 reais)

Heels: Call it Spring (find similar ones on my shop page)


Casual Dinner Date

My husband and I love going to different restaurants and trying new places. We keep finding so many cute places in our city to go to. For this date, the weather was very hot, so I chose simple white shorts, and a black and white plaid shirt. To add some statement I used my yellow clutch and my classic signature of red lips. I aslo added yellow with my shoes. They are a slip on with a yellow bow, lately they have been my favorite summer shoe.


I have the habit of always having my hair up and like trying new ways to put it up. Here I decided to make a braided crown starting further over to make it more of a crown. If you are looking for a How To video check out my past blog post here.



Outfit Details (Shop everything on my SHOP page)

Top: Romwe (23 reais)

Shorts: H&M (shop similar ones on the shop page)

Shoes: Zattini (3 for 99 reais)

Clutch: H&M (25 reais, shop similar on on the shop page)

What to Do For a Date

  1. Go out to a bar
  2. Try a new restaurant
  3. Be a tourist of your city and see some sights
  4. Take a cooking class together
  5. Go wine tasting
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Make dinner at home together, experiment a new recipe
  8. Go to the Sunday market
  9. Have a beach day
  10. Do a couples spa day
  11. Go for icecream and order flavors you both have never had
  12. Acai (of course haha)
  13. See a play, music etc. at the theatre
  14. Take a weekend trip to a nearby city
  15. Go for dessert at one of your local coffee or sweet shops

If you have more ideas, please comment! I would love to gather more ideas and try them out.