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4 Trends to Stop Doing in 2018

4 Trends to Stop Doing in 2018

With new fashion trends arising for 2018, we also have fashion trends that are no longer in style. The fashion outs got to stop being used if you wanna keep up with what is now in style. If you don’t believe me read these articles from Harpars Bazaar and Elle! read HarpersBazaar read Elle. So below I listed the fashion outs that I totally agree with, if you want to see more trends that are out click the magazine links above.

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#1 Chokers

I tried to get on the choker trend but I couldn’t! I was obsessed with these though when I was a kid. I had so many different colors and styles. I am kinda happy this is leaving the fashion world.

New Trend: layered necklaces with unique symbols with thin chains

Go to Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her to see what Necklaces are in and click to shop!

#2 Corsets and Waiste Belts

Thank goodness this is leaving! It is a trend that I find a bit tacky. (Also wore this trend in middle school, OMG every trend is being repeated)

New Trend: Tuck the front part of your shirt into you jeans, wear highwaisted jeans to accentuate the waist, or just wear a normal belt

#3 Off the Shoulder

Ok, I kinda like this trend, even though I own like nothing that is off the shoulders. For sure, many fashionistas will be sad to see this trend die. BUT don’t worry, the trend is changing to one sholder! So you can still show off some skin.

#4 Maxi Skirts

This I definitely agree is something that has left the trends. I haven’t worn one since last September! And I haven’t seen anyone around me wear them either. For me it feels like an old trend, like the 80’s shoulders, which made a comback for 2018 so you never know the maxi might come back in style. So keep yours just incase!

New Trend: Skirts or dresses that are mid length

BONUS #5 Flared Jeans

I know the whole 70s and 80s look is coming back in style but I don’t like the flared jean trend. It makes you look shorter than you really are. It is just a bad trend. I hope this ends soon!

New Trend: skinny jeans, ankle length jeans

Obviosly if these trends are something you love then wear it! Make your own style and be you. You can even click the photo to shop the looks! These are just ones I chose because of my personal opinion. 

What other trends do you think need to die out?

*All photos are credited to it’s original owner

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3 Trends for 2018 That I’m Not Excited For

3 Trends for 2018 That I’m Not Excited For



New year, new trends! Looking through Glamour, Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar I gathered the trends for the new year. Most of the trends for 2018 spring and summer I love, but there are some that I just can’t except as trendy or stylish. If you like the trends, click the images to shop the look!

(My post on 2018 Fashion Trends will be published first week of February and my post on What Trends are Out will be posted last week of January)

#1: The Fanny Pack

No no no! I cannot believe these have made a comeback. They make me remember my childhood where I used a bright pink, yellow and blue fanny pack every time we traveled. It reminds me of a very unstylish tourist. I hope this dies out soon!


#2: Plastic

This trend I actually have mixed feelings about. Seeing some of the designers using plastic in their designs was cool, it is different and unique. BUT when I think of comfort, I say no to plastic. It is very uncomfortable and it easily makes you sweaty because the material doesn’t breathe. Have you seen the music video of Anitta in “Sua Cara”? That poor woman had to wear plastic in a desert! You can see the plastic sticking to her because of the sweat. This is a trend that needs to be altered.


#3: 80’s Shoulders

A trend that brings me back to the days where I use to dress in my mother’s clothes and pretend to be a “grown up.” For some, this trend can work for them, but for me no. I feel too much like an 80’s or 90’s woman, like come on people we are in 2018. Instead of moving backwords we should be moving forwards.

Image Shimmer Dress with Padded Shoulders La Redoute CollectionsLa Redoute

Even though these trends are a no for me, many people say yes. To help you find the most stylish fanny pack I chose some that I think you may like. Click the photos below to shop!
What’s your opinion on these 3 trends? Are you a yay or nay? Leave your comments below, I would love to hear what you think.
beijos xo
 Of course these are all my personal opinions with no paid collaboration, not all photos are mine and are credited to it’s rightful owner, go to Privacy and Disclosure to read more.







7 Step Guide for Before You Travel to Brasil

7 Step Guide for Before You Travel to Brasil

When I traveled to Brasil in June, 2016 there were definitely some things I wish I had known before travelling to make me better prepared, and things that I did that I was very thankful for doing. So for those of you that plan to travel to Brasil read this!

#1 Check the Season

Before I went some people warned me that the south of Brasil gets winter, and I was apparently arriving in winter. I honestly thought they were exaggerating about it getting cold, like come on, I am Canadian, we know cold. So, thinking I knew better, I barely packed any warm clothes! I literally packed no sweaters. Holy moly was I dumb. I could not believe how cold it could be especially at night. Ok, we aren’t talking about crazy cold but like 10 – 15 degrees celsius cold. I had to buy some sweaters when I arrived. So basically, check the season and pack accordingly. AND Brasil does get winter!

#2 Get Vaccinated

Be sure to get vaccinated almost 6 months before you leave. Also be ready to pay a lot! I had to pay over $300CAD for the visit and vaccines. I wasn’t and am still not planning to travel near the amazon so there were some I didn’t need. The ones I did need were Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A&B, Typhoid Vi, and Dukoral. Make sure you have this all documented because you have to bring with you into Brasil. You may be asked to show proof of the vaccination.

#3 Visa

This is probably the most important step because the visa allows you to enter the country. You should apply for the visa 6 months before you go (also make sure your passport won’t expire). Documents I needed for the tourist visa were: a photo of me, proof of income from the last three months, tax records from the year before, a written invitation by family or a friend in Brasil stating they will be responsible for you, copy of their passport, your passport, driver’s licence, airline tickets, and an outline of your trip. It was actually quite easy and I got approved 2 weeks later and got the visa at the Brazilian Embassy. The reason I say to apply 6 months before is because it depends on how many people are applying and you may end up waiting for a while.

#4 Convert Your Money

Before going you should convert your money into reais. For me I sent money to Brasil through Western Union to my husband’s account because it was cheaper. But not everyone has that option, my advice is to check the rates. Western Union is probably your best choice than a bank.

#5 Prepare for the Flight

Travelling from Vancouver to São Paulo was definitely a long flight. I first travelled to Toronto then from Toronto to São Paulo, and from there to Joinville. This was pretty much 2 days of travelling. Here are some items you should pack in your carry on to make your trip comfortable.
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • gum
  • snacks (ones on the flight are pricey)
  • water
  • phone charger
  • second set of clothes
  • another pair of shoes (changing your clothes and shoes make you feel more fresh)
  • deodorant
  • sanitizer cloths (clean your seat area on the flight to avoid getting sick)
  • face wipes to cleanse your skin
  • all important documents
  • extra strong Tylenol (I get the worst joint pain when I fly and this helps, if you get ones that make you sleep, even better)
  • headphones
  • book or magazine

#6 Learn the Language

This is something I wish I had done before arriving. I only knew the basics like “obrigada,” and “de nada.” I didn’t even know how to ask where the bathroom was. I used a lot of google translate and my friends had to come everywhere with me to translate. Learning the language would have really helped!

#7 Check Luggage Restrictions

This one is necessary if you want to avoid having to pay extra for luggage. Most international flights to Brasil allows 2 big suitcases and a carry on. Of course for me I was so happy because I had planned to stay for some months (which is now almost 2 years) and having 2 suitcases was great to pack everything I needed. The problem though was that the flight within Brasil didn’t allow 2, it only allowed 1 and a carry on. Luckily for me my husband came to see me in São Paulo with just a backpack, so my 2nd suitcase travelled as his. If I hadn’t of had this option I would have had to pay for the 2nd one. So definitely check each restriction of your different flights!


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The City of Chocolate

The City of Chocolate

Carrying on down the travel timeline, Brussels Belgium was the next stop after Paris. I call this city, the “City of Chocolate.” Why? Because they had so many chocolate shops! I swear I bought a chocolate from every shop I passed. My favorite though was definitely Godiva, their hot chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries were superb. Unlike Paris, Brussels was small to medium size. I think we walked almot the entire city. The architecture was so beautiful in the older parts of the city. It contains so much character and culture. Below are some photos and a video/photo diary of the trip. I figured making a video of the photos would be easier and more entertaining then having to scroll down the page! I hope you enjoy and get inspired to travel!


Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Men, this post is for you! Valentine’s is right around the corner and I know how difficult it can be to buy gifts for women. After reading some articles for 2018 in Cosmopolitan, ELLE, New York Times, and Vogue, I narrowed down my top 5 for books, perfumes, and jewllery. I also created a top 5 for my own 2018 picks. Don’t worrry, I’ve got you covered! 😉

Let’s start with the best 2018 books for her. The ones listed below are in no specific order and were chosen for the interests of women in general!

  1. Still Me – Jojo Moyes
  2. Red Clocks – Leni Zumas
  3. Before We Were Yours – Lisa Wingate
  4. Darker – E.L. James
  5. The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn
  6. Tell Me More – Kelly Corrigan

If you want to see more of the top 2018 books here are the three websites I looked at:

Cosmopolitan  New York Times  ELLE

There is actually a number 7 as well. For me this book would be the #1 to buy and one of my must reads (Husband, this is a hint for you). If you liked Devil Wears Prada, then you are gonna LOVE this one! It has a similar take, but it Silicon Valley and not in the fashion industry. I am so excited to get my hands on this and start reading! (I might be a bit excited, my opinion is from reading the summary of the book, but I am pretty sure we are gonna LOVE it.) The book is called Sophia of Silicon Valley by Anna Yen.

Now the perfumes! Out of the top 2018 perfumes I chose my own top 3 (again in no specific order)

  1. Top – Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum 32ml R$271
  2. Middle – Marc Jacobs Fragerances Decadence Eau So Decadent 30ml R$199 or rollerball for R$92
  3. Bottom – Victoria Secret Love Eau de Parfum R$182 or rollerball R$33

Here is the full list of top perfumes for 2018: Cosmopolitan

Next, every woman’s favourite, jewelery! I created my top favourites by seeing what were the new trends for 2018, which are keys, large hoops, chandelier earings, symbols, letters, engravings (makes more personal), gemstones, baroque, unique necklaces and of course layers. It seams that the big and chunky jewelry is fading out. People are tending to go simple but layer many together. I found different peices of jewelery from my favourite places to shop. AND for my Brazilians, all these stores ship to Brazil!

  1. Sacred Bowl Necklace – shop here
  2. Metal Triangle And Gemstone Design Stud Earring Set – shop here
  3. Abstract faces – shop here
  4. Eyelash studs – shop here
  5. Tonal Necklace – shop here
  6. Phrase ring – shop here
  7. Vantage bracelet – shop here
  8. White pear halo ring – shop here
  9. Water Drop Rhinestone Detail Tassel Earrings – shop here
  10. Amphora Hoops – shop here
  11. Zodiac Necklace – shop here

Now that you have some ideas of what to get your woman, a cute way to give it is in a box or basket with all her favorites (chocolate, flowers, acai (hehe) etc). Happy shopping and good luck!

Beijos xo Brazilian Flare


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