Braided Crown Tutorial

Ola amigas! As you all may have seen on instagram I finally posted my tutorial on my braided crown you all love so much. Instagram only had the first bit, but here is the full video from my youtube channel ‘Brazilian Flare’ (subscribe and like!). Remember this is my first video, soo be nice 😉

Please let me know what you think, I love reading feedback. Also comment below other tutorials you would like to see! I will try to talk in the next one haha I got too nervous!

Below the video I have some written tips, email me with any questions.

Some tips:

  1. Seperate your hair in two sides, On side should start very far over so the part is above your ear.
  2.  On the first side grab a small section and seperate in three parts and start as if you are doing a normal braid
  3. Instead of continuing the braid with just those three pieces keep grabbing sections of your hair as you work your way down.
  4. Pin the first braid in the back
  5. Start the second braid the same, then pin it in the back
  6. If you have short hair like me you may need to use some extra pins with little bits that don’t make it in the braid
  7. Pull some pieces from the sides to give it a more messy and natural look
  8. With the braid, I slightly pull every other little curve to give it more volume
  9. Voila! You got the french braid corwn