Thoughts By a Gringo in Brazil


Now that it has been almost a year living in Brazil, I have observed the culture around me and have adapted quite nicely. Though there are still some things that are very different from what I am used to, some things are very weird to me and others are quite interesting. Here below are some more of what I have seen around me in Brazil.

  • My city I live in has a tremendous amount of rainy days. But these rainy days don’t stop people from their everyday duties. Here they even ride their bikes while holding an umbrella…. They definitely have talent, I could not do that without falling.
  • Everyone goes to the gym, like everyone. I feel like a sloth compared to them when I see everyone walking in runners and gym wear.
  • The front yards of houses in my city are always clean and groomed to perfection. I have never seen a house with long grass or weeds in the garden
  • Everyone is always pressure washing their driveway and side walk… I swear everyday I go for a walk, someone is pressure washing. They are always so clean with no litter, leaves, etc.
  • No matter what, friends and people you know will go out of their way to help you, with no expectation of something in return.
  • People always ask me whether I speak French… I don’t! Pretty much only Quebec does.
  • Brazilians know how to dance, the parties and clubs here are so much fun. Especially when everyone starts doing the dance for a song together.
  • Clothes are really expensive
  • Many women here dye their hair blonde
  • Bus drivers are crazy drivers! They go so fast and instead of slowing down for a bus stop they basically slam their breaks.
  • Everyone drives extremely fast
  • Nobody puts milk in their tea… people look at me like I’m from some other planet when I do
  • As soon as the season changes to Autumn and the temperature goes to 20-25 degrees people are in jeans, coats, scarves, and long sleeves. While I am still sweating from the heat and humidity. Come on people, this is spring and summer weather!!
  • Dinner here is really late… it varies between 8:00 and 11:30
  • Lunches are really big, like what I would eat for my dinner, while their dinners are small
  • Everybody eats bread with butter, or a sandwich and drink coffee for breakfast. Seriously everyone I ask answers the same breakfast.
  • People share everything… They make one drink like chimarrão or caipirinha and just pass it around taking turns drinking. They always offer for you to try a bite of their food.. even people you know but not that well. I almost feel rude if I don’t offer my food or drinks to others ahahaha.
  • Brazilians always have a toothbrush with them and brush their teeth many times throughout the day.
  • I LOVE Brazilian funk music, I know many do not like it but the fact that I don’t know what they are saying makes it better for me and has such a great beat
  • They call lemons and limes both lemons. There is a difference!!! The green one is not a lemon! It is a lime.