Living The Life of an Irish

For the next couple months I will be posting about my travel history. I have so many photos from my travels and I thought this would be a good way to share the cities I have been to and my favorite places to eat, stay at, and visit. Our first stop is Waterford, Ireland. In 2013, I traveled to Waterford for a study abroad program. I studied art, art history and lived there for 5 months. It was one of the best times of my life and I am so happy I did this, especially because I met the love of my life in Waterford. If I had one piece of  advice, it would be to travel and study in another country! You learn a lot about yourself, different cultures, and you meet so many people. It also allows you to travel to many countries because it is cheap and close.

Waterford definitely feels like a second home for me and Felipe. Since my studies there, I had returned once to visit him during his internship. I have made a list of my favorite places to eat, buy chocolate, shop, and go out at night.





Cafes and Chocolates

  • The Book Centre – they have the most amazing hot chocolate out of all the countries                                  I have been to. I have tried a lot of hot chocolates, but this is still                                   number one.
  • Lily O’Brian’s – here they have delicious chocolates! They also have a cafe with lots                              of baked goods.


Places to Eat

  • Brennan’s (they have the best fries ever! It’s the perfect hangover cure)
  • The Gingerman – if you want some true Irish food and an Irish coffee, this is the place

Where to Buy Food to Cook

  • Tesco – good prices
  • Superquinn – here was my favorite because they had everything organized and the vegetables and fruits were always fresh. Little more expensive here though.


  • Fitzwalton- I stayed here for my first night in Waterford, and it was amazing! Well                         priced, beautiful room and view, and close to the train station.

Bars and Pubs

  • Geoffs – perfect pub to go to if you want the Irish feel
  • Kazbar- this place is great! They have three floors and the top and bottom floor play                different music, and each floor has a bar.
  • Bridge Bar


-Crystal Club


-The Foundry


Things to See

  • House of Waterford Crystal
  • Waterford Museum of Treasures
  • The People’s Park
  • Tramore – A city close to Waterford that is cute and tiny. It is right by the ocean and it is near the Guillemane Cove, which is a definite must see.