Dress to Impress

The one thing I always hear at work is that I always look so stylish and professional. To me, dressing in clothes that are classy and professional is really important. I personally love getting up, doing my make up and putting together an outfit (of course, like many of you, I sometimes have “I hate all my clothes” days).  The way I dress isn’t for the people around me, it is for myself. When I am put together and love my outfit I have an instant increase in my mood.  Being happy with how I look, makes me feel confident, powerful and like a boss. I somehow perform my tasks better at work too, and feel as though I could take on anything.

When I studied psychology in the past, I remember reading an article on how dressing professional and looking put together increases work performance. You are also more likely to get promotions and have respect from clients, managers, and colleagues.

If you want to succeed, you gotta dress the part.

To help inspire you to dress professional I put together four outfits to help you get an idea. (I personally love the first one the most)

Look 1:

I love mixing colors, and these shoes and skirt are the perfect combination. The skirt I am wearing is great  because it can be worn all year round, and if its cold just add some tights. The best thing about this skirt is that it was only $8 from H&M! I absolutely love their sale section, always good deals. The shirt I am wearing (which is also worn in the third outfit) is from Romwe. It is an online store with decent quality and stylish looks for less money than name brands. Of course I would love to be able to buy from all these amazing stores but my man is still in university and life isn’t cheap!

The lipstick is from ColourPop and was only $6. I couldnt believe how good the quality was for such a small price! Here is the link to the one I am wearing and great news, it is on sale for $4.80! Colourpop link

Look 2:

For Look two I decided to do a dark washed jean and a more detailed shirt than the other looks. This top was also from H&M, on sale! I personally love the ruffle detail and the powder blue color. To dress it up a bit I added some pearl bracelets (of course not real haha I would not walk the streets with real ones). Because the look is soft toned I finished the look with my favorite colored lipstick, red. This one is from MAC, their matte lipsticks are amazing!



Look 3:

This look is simple and classy. I love white shirts and then adding color or print with the bottoms. These pants are from H&M and I love them! They have a great fit and are really comfortable for work pants. To change it up a bit and add some flair, I braided my hair similar to a braided crown. For all those short haired girls, a french braid is possible! My hair is just below my chin and I was able to french braid and pin the back. There is a more detailed photo below.




Look 4:

This outfit makes me feel like a boss. The classic black blazer, black pants, and white shirt is the perfect outfit to express power. You can never go wrong with black and white and red lips. The Blazer and pants were again from H&M (wow I didn’t realize that I had many clothes from H&M). The white shirt underneath is a knit crop top from Romwe.