Easter in Brazil

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! This year was my first Easter away from home! I was a little sad as the holiday approached, because I love Easter and I didn’t know what to expect with celebrating in a different country. In the end, it was very nice, and better than I had expected. Brazil’s traditions are definitely different from what I am used to back home, but a good different. In this post I want to share with you my Brazilian Easter, but also the tradition I have back in Canada for Easter. This will be interesting for both my countries to see the differences and similarities.

My Brazilian Easter

We ended up traveling to Curitiba to spend Easter with his mom’s side of the family. His two uncles have a beautiful piece of property with a ranch, and a separate place from their house property for parties and barbecues.

For Easter they celebrate on Sunday with the immediate and extended family. Our day started out with a typical Brazilian breakfast (fruits, bread, meat, cheese and coffee). Next on the agenda was the hunt for chocolate, which is different from my Easter hunts back home. Instead of eggs, they hide different kind of chocolates just in its original packaging. One type of chocolate that’s traditional and crazy popular are chocolate Easter eggs. I personally find them way overpriced for the size and quality.  What I found strange was that the chocolate was hidden in the morning, which I think takes away some of the magic and excitement for the children. I used to love waking up to see eggs hidden everywhere. BUT the kids still enjoyed the hunt.


Instead of a big dinner, we had a barbecue for lunch. Brazilians have the best barbecues, they really know how to cook meat to perfection. We had lots of different types of meat: chicken, beef, and lamb. Felipe’s uncle makes the best lamb, it is so tender and full of flavor! The chicken and lamb came from their farm, which I tried not to think about, otherwise the song “Mary had a little lamb” would pop into my head hahaha.

Over all, I feel that Brazilians focus more on the family aspect instead of the gifts and chocolates.  The entire weekend was about being together, drinking chimarro, talking, laughing, eating, and relaxing.  This was my favorite part of their Easter, and want to include it into my own Easter when we have kids. Now lets talk about the traditions for Easter that I have back home….

A Canadian Easter

My Easter always starts very early, I am like a child when it comes to Easter hahaha. I am 24 years old and my mother still does hunts for me and my brother. When we wake up we can already see colored eggs that have been hidden, which is exciting. The “Easter Bunny” leaves a note explaining which colored eggs we must find and how many. For example… I must find 50 pink and purple eggs while my brother finds 50 blue and green eggs.

Each egg is filled with either chocolate eggs, jelly beans, woppers, or cadbury mini eggs(my favorite). After we find all our eggs we open and empty the goodies in a bowl. In some eggs there are puzzle pieces in which we must put together to form our clue to our Easter basket. Usually the clue is like a riddle. Once we find our basket we open to find a chocolate bunny, bags of other chocolates, sometimes a book, a shirt, stuff like that.

Once our hunt is finished we sit down for a breakfast that normally consists of orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon and scones. The scones we make are so yummy, especially with cream and jam. (I will share the recipe later).

Instead of a lunch we have a big dinner. Ham, corn, double stuffed potatoes, caramelized carrots and coleslaw (this I absolutely hate and will never eat!!!).

That is pretty much it for our Canadian Easter. To compare both, I think Canadians are more commercialized with their Easter, and focus less on the family aspect, while Brazil is less commercialized and focus more on family time. I personally love both types of Easters, and will combine both traditions for my child. The Easter egg hunt, and brunch from Canada and the family quality time and barbecue from Brazil. The best of both worlds.

What are your Easter traditions? I would love to hear about them!


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