Weekend Picks

Sorry for the delay on my weekend pick post! Has been a busy week, and I forgot to put the details of my instagram photo on here! 

These shoes are definitely my favorite at the moment, they are so cute, comfortable and in style right now. If you are looking for something to by to update your style, I would suggest a pair of booties! They can transfer into any season of the year, and you can wear with almost anything. I personally pair them with some skinny jeans, shorts and some of my dresses or skirts. 

The scarf and necklace are from Fashionable (a store you have seen in many of my previous posts). The scarf is perfect for a chilly day in spring or a cold day in Winter and Autumn. They have so many new colors to choose from, I chose this neutral soft pink because it’s perfect for everyday looks and goes with any look.

Now, the necklace was part of a monthly makers box that I had subscribed to through Fashionable. I loved it because every month we get a surprise in the mail of one of their products for only 20USD. This month was the lotus flower necklace (my favorite flower) but sadly it has been discontinued and they won’t be doing the monthly makers box anymore. I love supporting a company with a strong and powerful message

Monthly Makers Box: has been discontinued :'(

Scarf: Fashionable

Booties: Rebel