A Brazilian Graduation

So Brazilians definitely know how to throw a graduation ceremony and party. In Canada I had never been to one like this. Ours is usually 3-4 hours long watching so many people cross the stage from every department within the university. To be honest, it is very boring and long! But in Brazil, it is the complete opposite of boring! Here is a little break down of the event, my outfits, and my do’s and don’ts for each event:

Part One: The Ceremony

The ceremony isn’t for everyone who is graduating that year. They have separate ceremonies for each area of study, and since engineering is usually quite small, this means the ceremony is short and sweet (YAY). Each student picks a song for when they walk to accept their diploma, there are some speeches from the students and president, then there is a countdown for them to throw their hats in the air and lots of music. The ceremony feels like a party its self, but is still a classy event. For my outfit I chose some classy slacks (pants) and a white shirt. Now these pants are my favorite, they are from Renner and I got for 140 reais (60 CAD). How adorable is the bow, and the highwaist! They are so comfy and classy and perfect attire for a graduation ceremony. I added some color with my yellow clutch at the event but for the photos I switched for my pewter colored wallet from Fashionable (link to shop:Fashionable). I love that I can use it as either a wallet or even a clutch. It is the perfect size for an evening out and you can pair it with any outfit.

My Ceremony Look:





Pants: Renner

Shirt: H&M

Wallet: Fashionable Shop Here


  • Dress up, its a classy event!
  • Wear an outfit that has light fabric to keep you cool. The pants I am wearing were perfect because they were loose and breathed a lot, which was definitely needed for the hot weather in Brasil.


  • Don’t go right at the starting time, go before. Otherwise you end up standing the whole time! For ladies who wear heels, it is not comfortable to stand for that long.
  • Don’t overdress, you want your evening outfit to be the fancy one


Part Two: The Dinner

This usually starts later around 8, but the dinner can be different for everyone. Some have a dinner with all the family, friends and some others who are graduating, or you can also just have a more intimate dinner with family. The one we attended was huge, with many families and  friends. For this event I changed into my outfit for the party because you usually go straight there and have no time to change. Of course all the food was delicious.


Part Three: The Baile (Party/Prom)

Now this is very exciting!! The Baile (prom) starts around 11pm or 11:30pm and goes to early morning. I have noticed that Brazilians like to start everything much much later than us Canadians haha.  All the graduates are introduced with music and each one walking separately to receive a glass of champagne. The second part I found so cute, the parent dance, where the graduate dances with either their mom or dad. After this, it becomes a party! Everyone dances, drinks, eats and celebrates. Here below is my outfit choice for this part of the evening. I call it my Audrey Hepburn dress because its black, elegant and classy. It is also the perfect length for dancing because it isn’t short. I paired it with a black beaded clutch, pearl bracelets and earings and nude heels. I changed my lipstick to red and pinned one side of my hair up to add more class to my outfit.

My Party Look:






Dress: RW&CO Shop Here

Nails and hair: Leila and Gisele This salon is hands down the best in Joinville, they do a wonderful job on any of your needs. It is a perfect place to have some girl time and pampering.

Pearl Bracelet: H&M


  • Bring a pair of flats!!!I regret not bringing, my feet hurt so bad by the end of the night. I was envy of all the Brazilians who brought Haviannas, you ladies were so smart!!!!!
  • Bring a clutch with a little strap. This makes it easier to dance and you don’t have to worry about leaving it anywhere