Valentine’s Look and Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is almost here (February, 14), so of course a love inspired photo shoot was a must!  Here in Brazil they don’t have Valentine’s day, instead they have Lover’s Day. This day is in June not February, but because I am Canadian and he is Brazilian, we celebrate both!

I did two outfits for this post; the first one is a more casual day outfit, while the other is more date night appropriate. You will also notice that this post is a little different… yes that is the love of my life, Felipe, that you see! It’s Valentine’s so of course I had to get him to take some photos with me, haha he was a little reluctant at first but did it for me. Thank you my love!! I also included at the bottom little ideas that don’t cost much, in which you can do for your love on Valentine’s Day.

Casual Day Look

So lets get onto my first outfit. I know many think that Valentine’s means pink and red, but I disagree. I think it is totally acceptable to wear other colors! Here I am wearing the crocheted top that you have seen before, but I just love it! This top (from H&M) is so delicate and  flirty and goes well with almost everything. You can also put any colored top underneath to make it more fun. I paired the top with a blue skirt that has detail at the bottom. I love skirts with little detail around the edge especially when the colors are simple because it adds some character.



I chose a simple yellow clutch to add a punch of color to the outfit which I bought at H&M. If you wear more muted colors, it allows you to be more fun with purse or clutch. Here any color or print would have suited.


These heels are one of my favorite! They are from call it spring, and so comfy. I love that it has splashes of different color which you can pull into your outfit. They add a little statement and fun to your outfit. Link to shop : Call it Spring



Date Night Look


For the next outfit, I brought out the Valentines colors! The skirt I am wearing is from Forever 21, which I bought here in Brasil. I think it is very fun and flirty and adorable!



My man is also rocking the pink with a shirt from H&M. They have amazing shirts there for men and are decently priced. (Link to shop: H&M). His shoes are from Zattini and are his favorite. I love the deep chocolate brown of the shoes and instantly classes up the outfit for a date night. (Link to shop: Zattini Shoes)



Little Ways to Show “I Love You”

Many people think that you have to spend a lot of money on gifts to spoil your love. I disagree and think that little thoughtful gestures to show they love you is better than an expensive gift. Felipe and I agreed to keep the budget low, because we would rather spend our money stuff we need and save to travel back to my home in Canada.  So here is a little list of small things you can do:

  1. Brunch/ Breakfast in bed. I have some recipes here: Sunday CrepesSundays are For Pancakes
  2. Fill your bedroom with helium balloons and tie your favorite photos and love notes at the bottom. I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was so adorable and a wonderful surprise that’s personal. Link from  pinterst: Balloons and Pictures
  3. A travel mug with pictures covering it. I actually did this one a couple years ago, and he loved it! I bought the travel mug from starbucks, which had a paper you take out from the bottom. I printed all my favorite photos and made a collage and slid it back into the travel mug.
  4. Coupon book. These are really cute and simple. You can make a bunch of coupons like free massage, dinner date, your choice of movie, etc.
  5. 10 reasons I love you book. Felipe actually made this for me last year and I almost cried! He made it online with pages of photos and 10 reasons why he loves me. They have many to choose from but here is the link to make the one he made: Photobook
  6. Chocolate Fondue. This is actually one of our Valentines traditions! We have these mini fondue cups that we bought when we were in Switzerland and they are really cute. Cut all your favorite fruit, melt your favorite chocolate, pop open a bottle of champagne and you are set!

I hope these little ideas have sparked some interest and helped you to plan your Valentine’s gift. Do you have any Valentine traditions?