Açaí Addicted

Yesterday was one of the first afternoons we both didn’t work, so my love and I took a bike ride around the city and stopped for our favorite treat (Açaí) and bought some fresh ingredients from a small little market near our apartment for our dinners this week.

When I first arrived in Brazil I had never had Açaí, because its a fruit that we don’t grow in Canada. Turns out that I have been deprived my whole life! It is amazing, delicious and good for you (BONUS).  The first time I tried it was in July, and I kid you not, I ate it almost every day for a month. Now that I have lived here for almost 7 months, I have got my slight addiction under control and only eat it maybe once or twice a week.



Our favorite place to go for Açaí is called Manzini, which in my opinion has the best Açaí! The texture is very smooth and not grainy, any they have another fruit you can add called cupuaçu which is the same texture as Açaí. The combination of the two fruits, a sunny day, and my love is what I define as a perfect afternoon. Now, you don’t have to order as simple as I do. You can add any fruits, chocolate, candy, mousse, powdered milk, condensed milk, syrups and more. Felipe (love of my life) always orders the N°7, which contains layers of Açaí, passion fruit mousse, strawberries and powdered milk. This combination is also very delicious, but it is definitely something I have to be in the mood for.



I also want to note that I love the Brazilian markets. The vegetables and fruits are always so fresh and they have so many fruits I have never seen! The one near my apartment is my favourite because I love the variety we get to choose from and the staff are so friendly especially when trying to communicate with me! (and they were so nice when I asked to take pictures) I sometimes feel like such an idiot when I have no idea what they are saying, but they are so patient and try to make me understand. I think this is also one of the reasons I shop there. I can go there without Felipe and feel comfortable shopping even if I don’t understand everything they say.


Look at all those bananas! Right outside of the city is a forest of banana tress, so cool.


Watermelon pile. These aren’t abnormally big, but there have been some that are like the size of me!


Look at all the different fruits!! Muito massa.


Potato picking takes some great concentration, my love trying to pick the perfect potatoes for fries.untitled89

Their pineapples are so cute and have crazy hair (fofinhos!)