My Man’s Must Haves

I was doing wardrobe organizing for my man and decided to pick out my favorites from his collection (definitely way smaller then mine..) and share with you all. wp-1485265919279.jpeg

These favorites are a few of his must haves for going out..

  1. a dress shirt, this one is my absolute favorite because it isn’t just simple and plain. It has a small floral print and adds some flare to his outfit. (C&A brasil)
  2. he loves adding suspender’s to his outfits, which I think is great and personally think it is classy and adds style. Glad that these are back in!
  3. I recently gave him these Oxford style social shoes for his birthday, which I think is a must in every man’s wardrobe!!! (Zattini)
  4. His Ralph Lauren wallet has lasted for almost 3 three years and is in perfect condition still. Every man needs a brown leather wallet. I specifically like this one because it is thin, has many spaces for his cards and cash and sits flat in his back pocket of his pants. Here is a link to a similar one for a good price TheBay
  5. last but not least and my favorite, is his Bleu de Chanel cologne. Ladies go buy this for your man, the smell is to die for and its more of a gift for you than him hahaha! Bleu de Chanel

I provided links above to shop his favorites.

What are some of your man’s favorite? Or more correctly, your favorites?