Shop Like a Boss

Shopping can sometimes make you end up with a million clothes that you either return, or just keep even though you don’t entirely like them. Today’s post will give you some help on how to shop like a boss. What does that mean? It means how to save money, love everything in your wardrobe, not have multiples of similar pieces and be confident with your style.


My guide to shopping like a boss:

Before going shopping…..

  1. go through your wardrobe and see what you actually need!
  2. make sure you have all the basics (white and black tank tops, bralets, basic tees, etc)
  3. try to set a limit on how much you want to spend (I sometimes break this rule… okay most of the time I break this rule!)

While you shop….

  1. ALWAYS try on everything. Sometimes you may think it will look great but then when you get home and put it on it doesn’t suite you. Or vice versa, you think it wouldn’t look good but try it on and love it!
  2. go to the sale section first to get the hectic and crowded area over and done with. You can find some really good items for amazing prices if you look thoroughly.
  3. BUT if you see something for really cheap and think “I don’t really like it but hey its so cheap” DO NOT BUY. You will end up using it as a home shirt or you will never wear. You want all the pieces in your wardrobe to be ones you love and like. You don’t need any meh’s taking up space.
  4. After the sales I always try to scope out unique and different pieces that reflect my style. These are pieces that will set you apart. Take your time, if you rush you might miss something that is amazing
  5. If you find something you absolutely love, but they don’t have your size, don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate to check either the back, other stores or online. Yes it may be a hassle for them, but they are there to help you and at the end of the day the customer’s needs come first. They want to make you a loyal customer.
  6. If i go to a store that has terrible customer service I usually just leave. A good relationship with the sales associates are important because you will get what you need and have more fun.
  7. Always go shopping in the morning! It is less busy, you can take your time, and people seem much happier at that time because its the beginning of the day. You also get first picks at the sales!
  8. One of my most important rules is that if you kind of like something but aren’t sure, don’t buy it! Leave it and wait a week. If you still find your self wanting it then go back and get it. If it is there anymore then it wasn’t meant to be. This will save you money and from unnecessary items.
  9. Don’t let the sales associates manipulate you into buying something you don’t 100% like!! Be a boss and say no.
  10. For my girls you are short and petite like me…. If pants are to long but you love them, buy them. It is so cheap to get them altered to your height.
  11. If you shop online, great! It’s an easy way to find other stores that aren’t available in your country. BUT, make sure they have a good return policy. Some clothing looks great online but turns out to be horrid in person, or the sizing isn’t right for your body.
  12. Don’t throw away quality for quantity. It is important to be clothes that are well made because they will last longer. They might be more expensive, but in the long run you with be happy you bought good quality clothes.
  13. Same goes for purses!! You want a purse that will last and not look cheap. Always look for the sales if you don’t want to spend a lot. My tip is to buy from a brand that focuses on purses and accessories. The quality will be better because its their specialty.

I hope my tips help you for your future shopping! What rules do you follow when you shop? Leave a comment!