Declutter Like a Boss

I am always reorganizing our room and decluttering to make it more open and spacious. The one place that I am always switching around is my wardrobe, especially when the seasons change.  As you can see…. we were in desperate need of this declutter process! We had winter coats, sweaters, old clothes and so many shoes (I would like to note the difference in number between my shoes and my boyfriends….).

My how to:

Take a day to thoroughly go through all your clothes and choose the season appropriate articles. The rest of the clothes can be stored in your drawers or shelves, whichever you choose.  Having your now season appropriate clothing hanging for you to see will make getting ready in the morning easy.  I find that when my clothes are all organized, the room feels less chaotic and dusty! You wouldn’t believe how much dust I found that had accumulated around the shoes. For us in Brazil it is summer and extremely hot, so, to my Brazilian ladies please put away the coats, long sleeved shirts and sweaters!! Just fold them and store them away for winter, you will not need! I promise. Doing this will free up space in your wardrobe and allow you to see what you have so much easier (and make room for new clothes hehe). Below you can see that I kept out my summer tops, a few pants, and my maxi skirts.

If you have some older clothes that you find you haven’t worn much, I have a rule!

  1.  If you have NOT worn it in 6 MONTHS donate it. I promise you that you won’t ever wear it. (You will find now that you have more space. This will allow you to shop for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe. You can read more about shopping tips on January 15 in Shop Like a Boss)

For shoes, you can also declutter. Having a clean shoe area is one of my pet peeves. It is the worst when there is a mountain of shoes that keeps growing.  Girlies, pack away those boots if its summer, and if its winter, your sandals (or if you are like my mom with really hot feet and like to walk in snow with almost bare feet, keep them out!). For myself, I kept my sandals, heals and a few of my bright colored flats. The rest I packed away and are waiting for fall and winter to come.

The next step of the decluttering process is to go through the purses. If you are like me, a pursaholic, then that will be quite a few.  Again choose which are best for the season you are in, for example: if you are in summer stay away from dark colors like black unless you are going out at night. If you are in winter… I say keep them all out! I hate the rule that you can’t bring summer colors into winter. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit.

Now you can relax and stare at your beautiful work. Try to clean your wardrobe every Sunday and switch your clothing according to the season every month or two months, this will depend on where you live and the weather changes.

Even our little cat is happy with the decluttering!

I hope these little tips have helped! If you have any other tips that you personally use, leave a comment below.


  • Part 2: Shop Like a Boss will be posted tomorrow so make sure you check back!


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