Become a Tourist in Your Own City

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is very easy to forget to live life and have some fun.  I have to say that I am sometimes guilty of that! To get away from the busy life, become a tourist in your own city. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I took our bikes for our weekly ride and decided to become tourists.  It was a good way to escape the everyday stress of work and life.  We had forgotten that the city Joinville, in which we have called home for over 6 months, is very beautiful with so much history and character. Since Joinville had many German immigrants 1800’s, the architecture is strongly influenced by the German culture. The buildings have so much character and intricate details, that all the historic buildings are a piece of art themselves.  Speaking of art, I have found that Brazil has so many walls with graffiti art (you can see an example in the picture below).  These walls of art are beautifully done and portray meanings to each passer-by.  I have made it my goal to take pictures of all the ones I find, and will post a page so you can also see its beauty!

The three photos below are of the palace and the street that leads to the palace. The road has palm trees on each side, which makes the entrance to the palace even more grande and extravagant (they are the tallest palm trees I have ever seen!).   It was a palace that was given to the prince of France as a marriage gift. The palace is now the Museu Nacional de Imigração e Colonização, which holds history of the palace and the immigration of German’s with its decor and artifacts.

Museu Nacional de Imigração e Colonização

Where is your home city? What kind of history and character does it have? Comment below, I would love to see! If you’d also like to share some photos of your city you can send to my email: