Start the Year With a Statement

There is talk that 2016 was not the best year for people, so lets start 2017 with some positive vibes and a statement look that will give some punch to your style.  I personally love adding a burst of color to my looks, whether in my shoes or in my lipstick (you will always find me wearing lipstick, it is one of the loves of my life and such an easy way to brighten and finish your look! It was advice my mother gave me years ago).

Statement looks for me are very simple with one or two pieces that really stand out.  For the look here I chose a bright yellow pair of flats which are from the brand Vizzano.  I suggest that you always have a pair of pointed toed flats! They instantly add class to your outfit and if you don’t like heels you can use them as a substitute.

Printed pants are something I absolutely adore and am always on the hunt for. I find that they can add a touch of your personality to your outfit and are just fun! If you are to wear a printed pant, I’d suggest combining it with a simple, one color shirt like I did for this look.  Too much print or color gets distracting or overwhelming and will take away from the statement and elegant look. For the basic top I chose a solid black, sleeveless turtleneck, which are becoming more and more popular and I am so happy for that! It should definitely be one of your must haves in your wardrobe.  The high neck turns your look into a polished and classic style with its simplicity.  It is something you can wear all year round, unless it has long sleeves! Please do not wear long sleeved turtle necks in summer, its way too hot, especially with Brazil’s summer!

To finish up the look I made sure to find a pair of sunglasses that fit to the shape of my face.  Its important to know your shape and what looks good on your face. It may take a while to find the perfect pair, but that’s ok! It took me over two years to finally find a pair that I love. I also added some gold rings and a simple black and gold bracelet to accessorize (my personal tip: don’t mix silver and gold).